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A Bounce Back Loan

The loan products that the government has put in place have been great. I think it's mentioned on a previous podcast that the CBIL’s got a little bit of stick and rightly so in some respects, but the bounce back loan has been fantastic. I know and I've spoken to lots and lots of people [...]

Which Industries are the Lenders Interested in Right Now?

We are in July 2020 and we are going to think about industries that lenders are looking at in a positive way during the current economic climate. The reason I wanted to discuss this is because of my experiences and conversations I’ve had with not only companies, but lenders as well. What kinds of industries [...]

July 2020 Business Finance Update

 So we have had a lockdown landmark in the hospitality trade and pubs and restaurants have now reopened.  How is the industry going to recover and get revenue flowing back again? Are lenders now looking at the hospitality industry and a less risky industry now? It was a complete landmark on Saturday. An exciting [...]

Furloughed staff return to Taylor Wimpey as demand surges

The housebuilder announced that all its staff had returned to work by the start of June, but with many still working from home as its offices remain closed to all but essential visits. Taylor Wimpey furloughed an unknown number of workers in March as it shut all sites and offices amid the coronavirus lockdown. The [...]

Personal Guarantees Explained

Podcast Summary What is a personal guarantee? It's simply something that a director and/or shareholder signs to give an undertaking to the bank that if the company doesn't pay the debt, they will. Essentially, in real layman terms, you guarantee the company's debt. Personal guarantee can sometimes be a dirty word for some small business [...]

Business Loans For Healthcare Professionals

We've specialised in helping healthcare professionals find the right business loan so they can either expand their operations or protect their business from any cashflow challenges that sometimes arise. It's possible to arrange a business loan for: Purchase of medical equipment Specialist medical furniture and beds Tax bills Business acquisition and partnership buy ins/buy outs [...]

Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme

Podcast Transcript Intro Welcome to the Century Business Finance Hub, with Jon Maloney and Ben Larkins helping you understand everything about business finance, how it works, how and when to apply to make sure you get the right deal. This is the Century Business Finance Hub. Alex Curtis Hello and welcome to the Century Business [...]

Covid and dry weather adds to harvest 2020 safety risks

A new checklist aims to help farmers keep themselves and their workers safe through what could be one of the most challenging harvests since World War Two. This year has brought the additional challenges of working with Covid-19 restrictions and the possibility of inexperienced staff working on farms for the first time. Meanwhile, the recent [...]

Convenience retailers slam “harmful” plans to relax Sunday Trading

Relaxing Sunday Trading laws would issue a body-blow to the UK’s heroic convenience store industry, shifting trade away from the stores which gave their all to support local communities through the darkest days of the coronavirus crisis, retailers claim. The government is said to be preparing legislation that will allow larger supermarkets to open for [...]