How Employers Can Benefit from Apprenticeships

Businesses across the UK are looking at ways in which they can shore up their operations and prepare themselves for the future, as the country's economic situation remains uncertain. One of the crucial areas to consider for long-term busines growth and success lies with the skills agenda, and businesses are being urged to look again [...]

Why Does My Business Need an EORI Number?

Although there is ongoing uncertainty about Britain's Brexit trade deal with Europe, one thing is for certain - UK businesses that trade with the EU will need an EORI number and it's important to apply for it now if you need one. The EORI number is shorthand for the Economic Operation Registration Identification. It's a [...]

Could Nurseries Face Legal Action for Lockdown Fees

Private nurseries are being warned that they could face legal fees if they still charge parents their regular fees even when lockdown prevents children from attending. Pre-schools, nurseries and childminders who charged their customers the usual fees for attendance during the national lockdown are facing rising pressure from parents to offer refunds, after the Competitions [...]

The restaurant industry has been the hardest hit by lockdown

Many businesses have been hit hard by Covid, especially in parts of the UK where lockdown restrictions have persisted or escalated up to higher tiers, as in the case of Liverpool and Lancashire. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the hardest-hit industry of all is hospitality and particularly, UK restaurants. Not only have restaurants been directly affected by Covid [...]

Small Businesses are Missing Out on Grants

Research shows that small businesses are missing out on vital grants which could help them to get through the ongoing Covid pandemic with greater financial certainty. A Study by the British Independent Retailers Association (BIRA) found that millions of pounds of grants were still sitting unclaimed in Local Authority coffers. In fact, £12 billion had [...]

Introducing Oli

Introducing Oli Meet Oli! He is new to Century Business Finance, so we thought it would be a great idea for you to get to know him and his background a little more. Oli has come to Century Business Finance from another finance company which touched mainly on secure and unsecure funding, making Century the [...]

Business Finance After
A Bounce Back Loan

The loan products that the government has put in place have been great. I think it's mentioned on a previous podcast that the CBIL’s got a little bit of stick and rightly so in some respects, but the bounce back loan has been fantastic. I know and I've spoken to lots and lots of people [...]

Which Industries are the Lenders Interested in Right Now?

We are in July 2020 and we are going to think about industries that lenders are looking at in a positive way during the current economic climate. The reason I wanted to discuss this is because of my experiences and conversations I’ve had with not only companies, but lenders as well. What kinds of industries [...]

July 2020 Business Finance Update

 So we have had a lockdown landmark in the hospitality trade and pubs and restaurants have now reopened.  How is the industry going to recover and get revenue flowing back again? Are lenders now looking at the hospitality industry and a less risky industry now? It was a complete landmark on Saturday. An exciting [...]